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Ever wondered how to search for text on an iPhone? You know how to search for words or keyphrases on a webpage on a desktop / laptop by pressing ‘CTRL+F’ on Windows, or ‘COMMAND+F’ on a Mac… but how do you search for text on an iPhone?


We have the solution! It’s actually on your iPhone already… but you probably didn’t know it was there…

What is the equivalent of CTRL+F or CMD+F on an iPhone in 2023



1. Open Safari on your iPhone


2. Go to the page where you want to search for the word / keyphrase


3. Tap the Share button (the rectangle with an arrow)

Tap the Share Button


4. In the action list (bottom row of icons), swipe over if necessary and select “Find on Page”

Tap 'Find on Page'


5. In the text field that appears above the keyboard, enter the word / keyphrase that you’re looking for. As you type, the matches appear highlighted in yellow:

As you enter the word / keyphrase, the matches appear highlighted in yellow

  • If the word / keyphrase isn’t present, ‘no matches’ will display.
  • Where the word / keyphrase occurs more than once, simply tap the up or down arrows to navigate between each instance.


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