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Teleos Data Analysis Reports – Set Up & Ongoing Monthly Management for Vets


Wondering who can help you analyse the veterinary data that you have in Teleos? has got you covered!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Teleos Data Analysis Reports – Set Up & Ongoing Monthly Management Service.

This has never been on the market before, so we are very excited about this launch.

Traditionally Irish & UK Veterinary Practices have Vets, Practice Managers, Nurses, Animal Care Assistants, Administrative Staff… but usually there is no one in the Practice with the time or technical skills to look after your Teleos Data Analysis… That is where comes in!


What Problems Do We Solve?

With our Custom-Made Monthly Teleos Data Analysis Reports, you can now make informed decisions about how to positively change the direction of your Practice. The secret to growing your business lies within your data and what you can glean from it.


Is this the same as the KPI Dashboard? 

Although the KPI Dashboard is available for those that want Teleos Reports… this is not the same solution, nor is it trying to be. They are 2 completely different services.

As great as the KPI Dashboard is, it’s ideal for generic reporting of your Practice. However, if you want specific customised reports, it is unable to do that.


No Restrictions – Fully Customisable

Our Teleos Data Analysis Service has no restrictions as it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and it’s 100% Customisable to you and your Practice. In fact, this has never been available on the market before, so we are very excited about this launch.

Now you can customise your Reports exactly to your liking and capture whatever data you want (if Teleos captures it in the first place).

We’ve made a list (below) of the most common reports looked for – but if you don’t see a specific report below that you want, just let us know and we will do our best to sort that for you.

With our Custom-Made Teleos Reports specific to the Data Analysis of your Practice, you can now grow your Practice without having to worry about how to get it done or how it’s being run.


Why do you need Monthly Teleos Data Analysis?

You use Teleos every day in your Veterinary Practice but you don’t actively do anything with the data… Does this sound like you?

There is a wealth of information in your systems that you are probably only using a fraction of.

By analysing your data with our Teleos Data Analysis Reports – Set Up & Ongoing Monthly Management Service, we can easily find potholes which signal where things aren’t set up correctly. You would be very surprised what you can glean from transforming your data in to useable information.

As this is the Practice Management System (PMS) that all your team use, it contains all the data relating to your clients and patients… the secret to growing your business lies within your data. Tapping in to it, will enable you to:

  • Grow your Practice
  • See more Pets
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Footfall
  • Drive Clinical Compliance
  • Improve Recall Response Rate
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Train Staff
  • Improve Communications with your Clients

Data Analysis is a sure-fire method of growing your business, the Return on Investment is immense but there is a lot involved in getting it running efficiently and to keep it running efficiently.

Analysing your data every month is what makes the Practice work at its optimum and enables you to make informed decisions, but many veterinary practices simply don’t have the time, skills or resources to do this.

We have perfected a very successful way of making the whole experience for staff and clients as simple as possible. There is a certain level of work and time required to analyse your data, but the benefits clearly justify the time.


We’ve been ‘in your shoes’ for a long time, so we know exactly what it takes to market a successful Veterinary Practice. The Co-Founder of is the only Veterinary Marketing Manager in Ireland, working for a successful Irish Veterinary Group in Dublin since 2008.

Unlike other Digital Marketing companies that provide generic solutions to Vets, knows the ropes of the veterinary industry and has already gone through all the problems that you’ve encountered, with decades of invaluable, hands-on experience.

This is the first time this Consultancy Service has been brought to the market and will be given on a first come, first served basis.

How can Whizz help?

We have decades of experience in analysing Teleos data and turning a business around using the information from it.

Instead of starting from scratch, and encountering all the mistakes that we have spent years learning from… Save months of your life instead!

Providing that your Practice Management System (PMS) is Teleos, by hiring us as your Veterinary Marketing Consultants, you will be armed and ready to make informed and educated decisions as to how to grow your Practice.

Limited Slots Available

As we are a small company, we have limited availability and expect DEMAND TO BE HIGH as what we’re offering is so unique, niche and never been done before

We advise that you GET IN TOUCH ASAP so that we can either either get the ball rolling to schedule you in or get you on the waiting list.

You will be scheduled in on a first come, first served basis… so don’t delay!



If you currently use Teleos, read through our Checklist below. If you answer NO to one or more, we recommend that you get in touch with us:

  • Do you know your forecasted slump months (months with expected low revenue) for this year?
  • Do you graph the value of Work Done, by month?
  • Do you graph the value of Payments Received, by month?
  • Do you track the value of procedures in each category, by month?
  • Do you track the number of procedures in each category, by month?
  • Do you know how many Nurse Clinics you perform, per month?
  • Does your number of pets in your Pet HealthCare Plan (PHP) increase each month?
  • Does your membership revenue for your Pet HealthCare Plan (PHP) increase each month?
  • Do you track the number of Pet HealthCare Plan (PHP) sign ups each team member makes?
  • Do you know what percentage of your Active Clients are members of your Pet HealthCare Plan (PHP)?
  • If you run a campaign, do you know how many bookings you got and how much revenue came from it?
  • Are you certain that your stock items, products, macros and procedures are set up in Teleos correctly, and assigned to the correct category?
  • Are your team selecting the correct procedures in Teleos?
  • Do you capture the number of new clients you get every month?
  • Do you capture the source of where your new clients come from?
  • Do you capture how much your new clients generate?
  • Do you capture your Recall Response Rate every month?
  • Do you know your number of Total Active Clients?
  • Do you track the ‘Performance by Practitioner’, by month?
  • Have you automated your Reminders for Vaccines, Appointments and Parasiticide Treatment Reminders (for Flea & Worm Treatments)?

Answered NO to one or more? Get in touch today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Data Analysis work for your Practice?

Yes, Data Analysis works for every Practice when it’s done correctly. You can mitigate against the chances of an underachieving outcome by allowing us be your liaison. We already have a proven track record of running successful analysis and we are the only company in Ireland providing this liaison service… Simply get in touch and we will help you get the ball rolling on this project.

How soon will the project start?

We have limited availability, so we advise that you GET IN TOUCH ASAP so that we can either either get the ball rolling to schedule you in; or get you on the waiting list. You will be scheduled in on a first come, first served basis… so don’t delay!

Can you set this up yourself?

  • Yes, you can. However, having done this ourselves, we will be much more efficient running it for you and transforming the data in to useable information.
  • Wouldn’t it be much easier to have this job taken off your hands?

Why should you hire

You and your staff are experts at what you do and we are the experts at what we do. The primary benefit is our knowledge, experience and resources. There is no one else in Ireland offering this service. By investing in us, you are guaranteed to be ahead of the game.

Teleos Data Analysis Reports – Set Up & Ongoing Monthly Management




Any Practice that wants to grow and who has answered NO to one or more questions in our Checklist above.

Audit of your Teleos system to determine what needs to be cleaned.
We liaise with you to ensure the back-end is prepped and ready to generate accurate reports.

We configure and set up your Data Analysis Reports:

  • Work Done, p/mth
  • Payments Received, p/mth
  • Average Transaction Fee, p/mth
  • Number of Transactions, p/mth
  • Quarterly Summary, p/qtr
  • Where your new clients come from, p/mth
  • Number of new clients, value and amount, p/mth
  • Quantity of procedures performed per category, p/mth
  • Value of procedures performed per category, p/mth
  • Recall Response Rate, p/mth
  • Total Active Clients, p/mth
  • Turnover by Practitioner, p/mth
  • PHP sign ups per practitioner, p/mth
  • PHP report: Num of Pets, Revenue,  Generated, Proportion of Cats V Dogs, p/mth
  • Percentage of Active Clients are PHP members, p/mth

We run and graph these custom reports for your Practice and send to you every month. These reports capture a vast array of valuable information.

We share our observations with you and advise you on any suggested improvements or campaigns that we recommend based on the data to combat any decline in Key Performance Indicators that we see in the Reports.


Why Choose Us


  • New: This service has never been available before and will book up soon!
  • Unique: Here in Whizz, we know integrations can be a pain when you are already dealing with a busy veterinary practice... We’ve been ‘in your shoes’ for a long time, so we know exactly what it takes to market a successful veterinary practice. That's why we deal with your 3rd parties so you don't have to. In fact, we're the first and only company in Ireland and the UK offering this solution!
  • Stress Free: These systems get set up without you having to worry about anything.
  • Drive Clinical Compliance & Business Growth: With our technical and veterinary systems experience, you can drastically turn your business around.
  • Technical Skills: We already know the ropes of the veterinary industry AND we've experienced all the problems that you’re encountering... Pair that with the technical background that all the team in exude, and you'll soon realise that we're the secret ingredient that your Practice has been missing. This is what makes our service so unique and niche.

Veterinary Marketing Consultancy


You know deep-down that you could attract more clients with your veterinary expertise if only more people knew about you. Regardless of how great you are at what you do, your veterinary business is not growing enough and/or you're not bringing on enough new clients.

Are you ready to finally MAKE MORE MONEY & SAVE MORE TIME?

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Targeted Campaigns to Pet Owners


Teleos Data Analysis Reports


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