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Should I Hire a Facebook Manager - Whizz Marketing LtdShould I hire a Facebook Manager and outsource my Facebook advertising?

It’s hard to run a business and find the time to get up to speed with Facebook and other Social Media channels. You know it will generate income but how do you find the time to write effective ads, test them, incorporate the correct photo / message, the right call-to-action… How do you advertise it? You know it’s a great revenue spinner, but it’s just so time-consuming.

There is nothing stopping you finding a staff-member or family-member to post on your behalf, but then again, will they write with the same tone you want to portray? Will they know how to maximise clicks and minimise cost? Will they only look at what your competitors are doing? How do they target the correct customers, and can they measure your return on what you’ve invested?


Hire a Facebook Manager

With so much to gain, it is no wonder that many Small to Medium Businesses in Ireland hire a Facebook Manager instead.


Transferable Ideas

The best Facebook Manager will have a wide range of experience managing Facebook pages for different industries. Many ideas are transferable, and what has worked amazingly well for one industry could make a seamless transition in to a completely opposite industry. They will be constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas, and thinking about which businesses can take their cue from each other.


Save Time

Time is of the essence if you want to generate more leads, and rather than wasting money on someone who lacks the skills and experience of how to do it right first time, it’s a wise decision to opt for a tried-and-tested option of a skilled Facebook Manager who knows how to get it right – first time.


Constantly Upskilled

Facebook Managers work with Facebook every day, so they are well-versed in any changes in policies. Not adhering to rules is big no-no, and your page can suffer badly because of it. Facebook are constantly  updating their advertising rules, and if you don’t obey them, you could find that your exposure suffers as a result or your ads do not appear.


Accurate Reporting

It is part of a Facebook Manager’s day to analyse Facebook Insights, and check CTR and ROI. They know what works and can identify what doesn’t. This isn’t a guessing game, so when you hire a Facebook Manager, they have their experience and expertise to tap in to so that you get the results you want.


Keyword Research

A Facebook Manager will have analysed which keywords are the most popular for the particular service / product you’re promoting. Not just keywords though… Keyphrases too! You want to be found for the products / services you supply, so your Facebook Manager pays attention to what combination of words (keyphrases) your customers use.



This is where it all comes together. You need to tie your brand, your audience and your product / service together. You need to ensure the right message is conveyed and it must be compelling. Your Facebook Manager knows how to assess and analyse all these areas, and you will quickly see an increase in leads.

Now it’s time to ask yourself, can you do all this as well as running your business? Or wouldn’t it be nice to hand the job to someone else?


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