So you’ve set up your Instagram Business page (and you’ve logged in with your Facebook login to create the page)… Now you want to let other authorised staff members reply to comments / messages on your Instagram Business Page… but what is your password for your Instagram Business Page when it’s created with your personal Facebook login?


This is a question we often get asked, especially when one staff member has set up an Instagram page and they want other staff members to be able to access it. Other staff members simply need a password to log into it, but how do you give it to them when you don’t have one. You don’t want to have to give them your private Facebook login to add your Instagram Business Page to their mobile device, and your friends at are here to tell you that you don’t have to 🙂


We recently encountered this with a client who set up their Instagram page and linked it to their Facebook page. However, when they wanted to give other staff members the password for their Instagram Business Page, they discovered they didn’t have one…


When they clicked the links on Instagram for ‘Forgot Password’, they were sent a ‘Login by Facebook’ link. This didn’t solve their problem, as they still needed a password for their Instagram Business Page.


There are plenty of pages online telling you how to ‘Add Account’ in Instagram and how to link your Facebook page to your Instagram business page, but at the time of writing, our client couldn’t find any advice as to how to get their actual password for their Instagram Business Page so they could share it with authorised staff members. The advice online was telling them that their password for their Instagram Business page was their Facebook password – however that wasn’t the solution.


Instagram gives limited options on desktop devices, so it’s actually a simply fix via mobile.


What is my password for Instagram Business Page when created with Facebook login?

Check out our Whizz Hack:

  1. We solved the problem for them by going to a Private Browser on a mobile device (important to have it in Private Browser so that it doesn’t pick up any Facebook page that you’re logged into).
  2. Go to on your mobile device – but remember to do it in a private browser. The following page appears:

when i login by facebook to instagram what's my password -

3. On the above screen, DO NOT click Continue with Facebook. Simply click Forgot Password and the following page appears:

when i login by facebook to instagram what's my password 2-

4. Enter the Username of the Instagram page you created, and press Send Login Link

5. The email address that is on the Instagram Business page will be sent a Password reset link. Simply follow the instructions in the email to reset your password and you’re sorted!

  • If, when you click on the Password reset link, you get an Error Message: This page could not be loaded. If you have cookies disabled in your browser, or you are browsing in Private Mode, please try enabling cookies or turning off Private Mode, and then retrying your action. Simply, enable cookies and/or turn off Private Mode.
  • Go back to your Password Reset email and try Step 5 again. You will now be able to reset your password, and finally you will have a password for your Instagram Business page.

Voila, you have just regained hours of your life! 😉

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We hope this guide helped you Recover your Password for your Instagram Business Page when created with Facebook!

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