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Online Booking System – Set Up for Vets


Looking to get an Online Booking System – Set Up for Vets? has got you covered!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Online Booking System – Set Up for Vets service exclusive to Teleos users.

This has never been on the market before, so we are very excited about this launch.

Traditionally Irish & UK Veterinary Practices have Vets, Practice Managers, Nurses, Animal Care Assistants, Administrative Staff… but usually there is no one in the Practice with the time or technical skills to look after the Set Up & Integration of their Online Booking System with Teleos. We have seen some Vets have an Online Booking System in place, but there are not many that are optimised or using all the features… That is where comes in!


What are the benefits of having an Online Booking System in Place? 


Free up time to focus on your most important work

By offering your clients an Online Booking System, you will save your Reception / Front Desk up to a day per week of work by reducing appointment-related calls and admin tasks.


Offer pet owners the convenience of 24/7 online booking

Improve access to care and cater to the majority of pet owners who prefer to book their appointments online, while giving your team more time to provide a better service.


Never miss a booking (or payment!) again

Setting up an Online Booking System for your Veterinary Practice allows pet owners to book with you via social, mobile, and search, so you’ll never miss a booking again. You can take payment or a pre-authorisation during the booking process to reduce no-shows, and eliminate bad debts.


It is a fantastic system, but the secret is setting it all up correctly. There is a lot involved in getting it running efficiently and to keep it running efficiently.

Many veterinary practices simply don’t have the time, skills or resources to do that.

We have perfected a very successful way of making the whole experience for your team and clients as simple as possible. There is a certain level of work and time required to set it up efficiently, but when it’s done correctly, the benefits clearly justify the time.


We’ve been ‘in your shoes’ for a long time, so we know exactly what it takes to market a successful Veterinary Practice. The Co-Founder of is the only Veterinary Marketing Manager in Ireland, working for a successful Irish Veterinary Group in Dublin since 2008.

Unlike other Digital Marketing companies that provide generic solutions to Vets, knows the ropes of the veterinary industry and has already gone through all the problems that you’ve encountered, with decades of invaluable, hands-on experience.

This is the first time this Consultancy Service has been brought to the market and will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Save Months of your Life!

Online Booking System Providers will tell you that their system works with Teleos, but as they do not actually have an In-House Teleos expert to help you… you will be left to work it all out yourself.

Do you have plenty of time on your hands to do that? Are you 100% certain that everything will be set up correctly in the back-end? Are you confident that your team will be sufficiently trained how to use and manage the system afterwards? If your answer is NO, then let us help you!

Instead of starting from scratch… SAVE months of your life instead!

Providing that your Practice Management System (PMS) is Teleos, by hiring us as your Veterinary Business Consultants, we can liaise with the Online Booking Provider and Teleos and Set up your Online Booking System efficiently and correctly on your behalf.

We already know from experience how both of these systems work together, so what are you waiting for? Hire us as your Veterinary Business Consultants and get this project started.

Limited Slots Available

As we are a small company, we have limited availability and expect DEMAND TO BE HIGH as what we’re offering is so unique, niche and never been done before

We advise that you GET IN TOUCH ASAP so that we can either either get the ball rolling to schedule you in or get you on the waiting list.

You will be scheduled in on a first come, first served basis… so don’t delay!



If you currently have an Online Booking System in place, read through our Checklist below. If you answer YES to one or more, we recommend that you get in touch with us:

  • Do you find that Appointments that were booked online aren’t booked in for long enough?
  • Do you only offer Online Booking for one type of Appointment i.e. Annual Boosters?
  • Does your booking system allow clients to book ALL types of pets for ALL types of consultations? i.e. a Dog could be booked a Rabbit Health Check?
  • Do you find that multiple records are created for existing clients?
  • Screening: Have you ever noticed someone booked online for what you would have considered an emergency? Do you have specific keywords that trigger a message to the owner saying ‘the description you entered indicates this could be an emergency. Please call the Practice on xxx.’ 
  • When booking online, do your clients have no choice over which vet to choose? 
  • Are nurse clinics ever booked in with Vets? 

Answered YES to one or more? Get in touch today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of an Online Booking System?

Integrating an Online Booking System with your website removes the hassle of manually scheduling appointments so you and your team can focus on what matters most – providing quality pet care.

Offer availability as you like. Reduce admin time spent on phone calls and enable pet owners to book anytime — even outside of office hours — with an intuitive online booking and automation platform.

Will an Online Booking System work for your Practice?

Yes, an Online Booking System works for every Practice when it’s done correctly. You can mitigate against the chances of running an underachieving appointment scheduler by allowing us be your liaison. We already have a proven track record of setting up a successful Online Booking System and we are the only company in Ireland providing this liaison service… Simply get in touch and we will help you get the ball rolling on this project.

How soon will the project start?

We have limited availability, so we advise that you GET IN TOUCH ASAP so that we can either either get the ball rolling to schedule you in; or get you on the waiting list. You will be scheduled in on a first come, first served basis… so don’t delay!

Why should you hire

You and your staff are experts at what you do and we are the experts at what we do. The primary benefit is our knowledge, Teleos experience and resources. By investing in us, you are guaranteed to be ahead of the game.

Can you set this up yourself?

  • Yes, you can. However, having done this ourselves, we encountered many obstacles that the support team themselves admitted they hadn’t encountered.
  • From our experience, when you encounter a problem, as they have no In-House Teleos expert, they will advise that you get in touch with Teleos directly for support queries – which means you will be left going from ‘Billy’ to ‘Jack’. You would benefit hugely having a liaison like us working between both parties.
  • All Online Booking System providers for Irish Vets are currently based in the UK. They do not have anyone to liaise between them and Teleos which means you are left figuring out what both parties mean.
  • There can be a lot of unnecessary delays in getting the system set up.
  • Before setting it up on Teleos, you need to ensure all team members on the Teleos Diary are entered in the correct format in order for them to be picked up on the Booking System. You should have also set up the back end with your branding and customisations such as Appointment Type, Appointment length, Screening Keywords.
  • We noticed some other Irish Vets have this system in place, but it’s not set up correctly i.e. they rolled out the default system with only 1 Appointment Type, 1 Appointment Length, Any Vet… which in turn means they do not enjoy the full benefits of the system. The success is in the customisations.
  • If you do this yourself, bear in mind, you are getting a customisable off-the-shelf system. What they don’t tell you, is that although it’s a fantastic solution, for it to work in a fantastic way for you, you need attention to detail, experience and a thorough knowledge of Teleos to truly get the most out of the system.
  • Wouldn’t it be much easier to have this job taken off your hands?

Online Booking System
– Set Up for Vets




Any Practice that wants to grow and who has answered YES to one or more questions in our Checklist above.

Audit of your Teleos system to determine what needs to be cleaned.

Liaison: We liaise with you, Teleos and the Online Booking System provider to get everything up-and-running, i.e.

  • Appointment duration 
  • Appointment types
  • Names of Practitioners
  • Which pets can be booked in for which appointment
  • What are your screening keywords
  • Video Consults
  • Which diaries to use etc
  • We advise that you schedule an upcoming slot with your Web Developer to add the Online Booking code to your website (it won’t be ready to add at this stage but this way, you’ll be on their radar to allocate you a time slot in their upcoming schedule)
  • In the meantime you can start prepping all your Recalls to now say ‘’BOOK ONLINE’ on this link’ so that they are ready for your next run
  • We advise what internal / external promotions you can prep in advance so that you’re ready to go when Online Booking System is launched
  • We liaise with you, your Online Booking System provider & Teleos to implement any necessary changes on their side, or show you what has to be changed on your side
  • Once happy, we go live (but not publicly announced yet) with your Online Booking System
  • We test again as soon as it’s live
  • Once we’re happy with how things are running, it’s time for Training on how to use the back-end of the system. We also go through how it integrates with the front-end i.e. the Diary and how they should enter Rota / Practitioners on the Diary
  • Now that everyone is trained and the system is up and running, you can now get your Web Developer to add the booking system code to your site. You can also get them to update the content on your website so that you are promoting to your clients that they can now ‘BOOK ONLINE’
  • Finally, we go live and all your prepped internal and external promotions kick in to action

Why Choose Us


  • New: This service has never been available before and will book up soon!
  • Unique: Here in Whizz, we know integrations can be a pain when you are already dealing with a busy veterinary practice... We’ve been ‘in your shoes’ for a long time, so we know exactly what it takes to market a successful veterinary practice. That's why we deal with your 3rd parties so you don't have to. In fact, we're the first and only company in Ireland and the UK offering this solution!
  • Stress Free: These systems get set up without you having to worry about anything.
  • Drive Clinical Compliance & Business Growth: With our technical and veterinary systems experience, you can drastically turn your business around.
  • Technical Skills: We already know the ropes of the veterinary industry AND we've experienced all the problems that you’re encountering... Pair that with the technical background that all the team in exude, and you'll soon realise that we're the secret ingredient that your Practice has been missing. This is what makes our service so unique and niche.

Veterinary Marketing Consultancy


You know deep-down that you could attract more clients with your veterinary expertise if only more people knew about you. Regardless of how great you are at what you do, your veterinary business is not growing enough and/or you're not bringing on enough new clients.

Are you ready to finally MAKE MORE MONEY & SAVE MORE TIME?

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Online Booking System for Vets


Targeted Campaigns to Pet Owners


Teleos Data Analysis Reports


Veterinary Web Design


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