So you’re using Google Docs to create a downloadable eBook or PDF and you want to add a cool cover page to it (with no margins) so that it doesn’t look like it’s been created in Word. (Also, because you’re a savvy business owner, you know if you make it look pretty, you will get more downloads)…. but when you added the cover image to the first page of your Google Doc, there is an annoying margin around the outside and it’s making your eBook / PDF look amateur.

You want the Cover Image to fit to the whole page (with no borders). Well don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Scroll on to find our fix…

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1. Create your Cover Image

Pick your Image Editing Tool of choice to create your cover image. We use Adobe Spark (*this is an affiliate link) to create our cover images for ebooks and graphics. Another version that we have used in the past is Canva (*this is an affiliate link) – so use whichever program of your choice to create your cover image.


2. Download your Cover Image

  • Save your image as a PNG or JPG.


3. Insert a Blank Page to your Google Doc

Now you need to create a page for your cover image to be added to.

If you haven’t already got an empty first page in your Google Doc, it’s time to create it:

  • Simply go to the very top of your document.
  • In Google Docs, on your top toolbar, select: Insert -> Breaks -> Page Break

Now you have an empty first page, and you’re ready to paste the cover image on to it in the next step.



4. Insert the Cover Image into the Header of your Google Doc

  • In Google Docs, on your top toolbar, select: Insert -> Headers and Footers -> Header
  • Tick where it says ‘different first page header/footer’.
  • Select ‘Insert’ then ‘Image’ and select your image.



5. Remove the Margin

  • Click on your image and on the side menu select ‘wrap text’.
  • Change the margin to 0mm.
  • Stretch your image to cover the page.

Voila, you have just regained hours of your life! 😉

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