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We all have that ‘To-Do’ list the length of our arm that we can never seem to clear… That was the case for us until we discovered our favourite Project Management tool.

If like us you’re someone who gets brain-waves when doing random things like cooking, walking, in the middle of the night (and you find yourself adding it to your Notes on your phone or jotting it down on the back of an instruction manual in the kitchen… and yet it still never seems to get done because you have LOTS of these types of ideas!). Or if you’re someone with lots of tasks to get done and you want to find a way to make them more efficient and save time… then you need Project Management in your life.

We tried and tested quite a few Project Management tools, but none were as simple or as amazing as the one we chose below.

When it comes to choosing the Best Project Management tools for Irish Businesses, there are a few options out there, but in our experience, they weren’t on par with our number 1 pick. Browse our favourite Project Management tool for Irish Businesses in 2024 (and the one that we use ourselves every day) below.


Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links, which we receive a small commission for at no cost to you if you purchase one of them with our link. Please note that we have had an amazing experience with the company listed below and recommend them because we currently use this software ourselves. If we had a terrible experience with any supplier, you will not find them mentioned here as we pride ourselves on our honest recommendations. All information on this site is correct at the time of writing and is for informational purposes only and we will not be held liable for any errors made below. We also really appreciate our readers using our affiliate links as they allow us to run this blog and provide free content to our readers. 🙂


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Teamwork: #1 for Project Management Tools


What is it?

Everything you need to deliver projects on time and on budget.


Why we love it and use it every day?

We started off with the Free Forever plan so that we could trial it and test if it was good as it claimed to be.

Straight away, things that we kept putting on the long finger started getting done. Being creatives, we constantly have different ideas and we were always making lists of what we should do if only we had the time…

When we tried Teamwork out, as part of the Free Forever plan, we were able to set up 2 projects, so we chose 2 of our clients as our projects. Immediately, things got done quicker… and tasks that we’d have previously manually added to our diaries to be done in the future got added to Teamwork instead.

We’d assign them to a team member (which means delegating is a doddle), assign it with a ‘due date’, add a summary title of what the task is and then in the description field add whatever details were needed…

It felt like each team member had their own Personal Assistant, because you can use it on mobile, tablet or PC. We love the mobile feature – it’s like having a Personal Assistant constantly with you. We can log any ideas (bonkers or not) while we’re cooking, walking the dog or even if you have one of those brain-waves in the middle of the night – you set them up to be due by whatever date you want and the difference it’s made to our creativity. Now our to-do list not only gets done, but even our random ideas get implemented now.

Each morning you get emailed a reminder of your tasks for the day. If you don’t complete a task by the due date, it shows as ‘late’ (not in a penalty type of way, but it does help to keep you accountable to yourself). You can change the due date to a more realistic date if you wish, or by simply looking at the rest of the work due on that particular day, you could prioritise getting the ‘late’ task complete.

You can use it whatever way you like, but for us, if it’s a project that has multiple parts, then we break it up in to tasks, or sub-tasks. How we use it is we name the Project as the Client name. Then if we’re building them a website, we’d name the Task as ‘Website’. Within the ‘Website’ task, then we create all the sub-tasks i.e. ‘Brief’, ‘Discovery’, ‘Design’, ‘Build’, ‘Keyword Research’, ‘SEO’, ‘Test’, ‘Launch’. Each of these sub-tasks get assigned to team members and are marked as complete. Once all the sub-tasks are marked as complete, then it allows you to complete the ‘Task’ (i.e. Website).

Even cooler is its ability to track the time. Some of our clients pay a monthly fee for a set amount of hours, so as we work through their tasks during the month, we track the time. We discovered with some clients we were giving an exorbitant amount of extra time to, and thanks to the time tracker in Teamwork, we (i.e. multiple members of our team) would have blindly continued to do so. Discovering this changed our business as although we love to be helpful, we also have a business to run, as you do, and by going all-out for certain clients, it stops you being able to take on others. This didn’t align with our scaling strategy, and we were able to put in measures in place to always have our time covered.

Other clients use us for one-off projects, and the time-tracker is also invaluable for this. We would have done this manually before, but with Teamwork you just set the timer within the software and once it’s complete, it assigns it to the client.

In those cases, we time our work and if it is under the estimated amount of time, then the client either gets a refund or stays in credit with us for any remaining time they didn’t use. All of this is automated and has cut out so many manual tasks for us. It’s really helped us estimate our time for other projects now which means we can more accurately quote jobs.

After a week of using the Free Forever plan and thinking about how we could apply it to other areas of our business, we invested in the paid plan and haven’t looked back. We wholeheartedly recommend Teamwork😁

Think about it on your end – do you get everything on your to-do list done or do you constantly feel like you are behind? Do you track your time spent on clients’ projects and do you charge for that time? If you don’t, then (like us) you are actually responsible for holding your business back. If you feel it’s time to remedy that, then this is your answer.



Key Features: 

  • Simple to use, powerful when you need it
  • Manage multiple complex projects with ease
  • Scales into a platform with everything you need to run your company




  • Free Forever: max 5 users, 2 projects
  • Pro: Unlimited free client users; 300 projects (10 p/user p/mth if paying annually – min. 5 users; or if paying by the month it costs 12.50 p/user p/mth with a min. of 5 users)
  • Premium: Everything in the Pro plan; 600 projects (18 p/user p/mth if paying annually – min 5 users; or if paying by month it costs €22.50 p/user p/mth – min 5 users)
  • Enterprise: Everything in the Premium plan; Unlimited projects. Price on application.


Use our Affiliate Link below to try Teamwork and see how they can help your business today and save so much time!


The Best Internet Marketing Tools & Resources for Online Business Owners in Ireland in 2024

At, we only recommend tools that we consider essential to online business success. 

With so many online tools available, it is hard to know where to start. Selecting the correct ones for your business can be a game-changer. 


Throughout our time in business, we have tried and tested so many online business platforms to find the ones that worked best for us and our clients. Scroll down to find the ones we feel are the best out there.


We are affiliates for some of these tools, which means that if you click a link for a tool and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Our experience with these products and companies is the reason we recommend them - not because of the small commissions we might receive. We sincerely find them helpful which is why we recommend them to our clients. Please do not purchase these products unless you feel they will help you with your business goals.


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Divi is a revolutionary WordPress theme and visual page builder. With complete design control, Divi is the most popular theme in the world.


Ideal for online retailers... We know how vital it is to your business to sell your products.

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